How to Throw a Baseball Like Max Scherzer

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Learn how to develop high velocity pitching mechanics

There’s far more to becoming a great pitcher than proper mechanics, a high-velocity fastball, and a live arm. A pitcher must know how to pitch—what to throw, when to throw it and where to locate it.

And he must know how to train effectively to prevent injuries and stay in the game.

Paul Reddick baseball training is the most comprehensive online pitching resource available for pitchers and coaches who are serious about learning the position. Baseball insider Paul Reddick takes you inside the art and science of pitching with exclusive training tips, instruction, and personal insights on every aspect of pitching.

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How to improve your throwing mechanics

The pursuit of proper pitching mechanics is a never-ending process. This training explains how to build fundamentally sound pitching mechanics, as well as how to analyze and fix any mechanical flaws a pitcher might have in his throwing motion.


How to throw different pitches

Once you’re comfortable with your pitching mechanics, you can begin to focus on developing an arsenal of pitches such as the circle changeup, sinker, slider or curveball. This article explains different pitches, their grips, and when to use them.

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How to increase velocity

All of us have the ability to throw harder. But it takes focus and the right kind of training. This training explains how to increase pitching velocity while minimizing the risk of injury according to the latest sports science research.

Developing Youth Pitching 

youth pitching

If you want to learn about proper pitching mechanics for baseball in step-by-step detail, you’re going to love this article.

Let’s face it:

As parents, we all want our son to succeed on the pitcher’s mound.

We also know that his success depends largely on his ability to have good control so that he is able to throw strikes and get hitters out.

Here’s the deal:

If pitchers can’t throw strikes, they won’t get much of an opportunity to pitch.

Plus, it’s not much fun pitching when you’re walking everybody.

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