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Baseball Drills

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Thank you for coming to my No BS baseball drills website. As you move around the site you will quickly see why my products are the best in the world for helping you become a great baseball player fast. Whether you are already a star or want to become one, you will benefit greatly from my products. And you will see why players from all over are using my techniques to become super strong and ripped, lightning quick and extremely durable.

My products reveal brutally effective, underground techniques that no one else would dare tell you. These baseball drills transformed me, my lucky students and can now transform you into a player you only dreamed possible. It is all here for you - and I look forward to helping you.

Leave 'em on the field.

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Baseball drills


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The Ultimate 7 Minute Dynamic Baseball Warm-Upô DVD



Baseball drills


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Unbreakable Abs™: The Ultimate Guide To Baseball-Specific Core Training




Baseball drills


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Power & Speed Development Series™: Weight Training Done Right




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Discover Amazing Speed And Agility Secrets Of The Pro's!





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How To Get A Baseball Scholarship


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"Having the proper approach to baseball training is one key to a successful career as a ball player. and Jon Doyle present a comprehensive and effective program to help strengthen and condition today's players and help them to realize their true potential. When I was a player I used similar exercises to strengthen my back. Jon presents specific baseball drills to help build power. Baseball drills to develop strength and agility."
Don Mattingly - Baseball Legend - Bench Coach New York Yankees

"Jon Doyle and is the greatest thing for youth baseball since sliced bread. You get to train like the pros by following a true pro in Jon Doyle who knows all the best ways to help you or you child get incredible results on the diamond!"
Dan Duquette - former GM- Boston Red Sox
Baseball drills - Howie Clark"Jon Doyle has opened my eyes to how baseball training NEEDS to be done if you want to reach your physical goals. I have never had a more comprehensive and in depth program that not only focuses on overall strength, but also speed, agility, and flexibility. Jon has the experience through playing and training for baseball that one must have to fully understand the needs of a baseball player who wants to maximize their ability. I know that I am a better player and I am at my physical best with Jon's program. I highly reccommend Jon Doyle to any baseball player who wants to reach their potential."
Brett McMillan - First Baseman, Washington Nationals Organization
Baseball training"JD, your programs are awesome. The truth about baseball specific strength and conditioning has been revealed. If people are serious abut the game of baseball and their development, they need to maximize the few areas in this game that they can totally control. Strength and conditioning is one of those areas. There is no substitute for strength and no excuse for a lack of it now that you have made your secrets public knowledge. Thanks for your contributions to the game."
Baseball Drills
Brian M. Cain, MS, CAA, Peak Performance Coach
"After hearing nothing but raving reviews from coaches, players and parents, I was very excited to meet you and learn about the baseball specific programs that you have developed. Your programs are well designed, well written, easy to follow, challenging, productive, and fun. Our players bought into the philosophy immediately and enjoy using a program that gets results. Our guys are more athletic and have much improved core strength, all in less time than the “traditional” baseball drills and baseball strength and conditioning programs. Now we can spend more time playing ball!"
Pete Egbert, Head Baseball Coach, Fitchburg State College
"'s products have made me look like a genius. All my players are stronger, faster and more powerful after using these products. They are unlike anything else on the market and so are the results. I urge every coach, player and parent to get your hands on these products before your competition does!"
Brian Pierce, Albertson, NY
Coach - Herricks High School and Long Island Storm
"My son has doubled his strength, raised his batting average 87 points and added 7 miles per hour to his fastball in just two months using Jon's products! I am simply amazed."
Bob Perkins, Woodbridge, CT
"In the course of my work I have met many people within and naturally outside of the health and fitness industry. The point of demarcation comes not from there vocation but the passion that fuels their lives and the integrity that they live their days. Proudly I can state, Renegade Training has become known for many things; breeding success in athletes of every level and teaching centuries old ethics of honor, commitment and loyalty. Amongst many things, R-Style is a passion for living a life of purpose, a mark to be proud of. Thus upon meeting Jon Doyle, I met a young athlete/coach, who not only demanded the utmost dedication of himself to succeed as a athlete physically but eschewed the ethics that I could proudly note him as a leader within Renegade Training. Having Jon, apart of Renegade Training, gives me great satisfaction and I know that any individual utilizing his baseball drills and services will be greatly benefited from his knowledge and integrity."
John Davies, Founder Renegade Training International

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